Cook Islands Pearl Authority Services

Export pearls are certified for authenticity
Regulation of the Pearl Industry
CIPA is the regulator of the industry by its mandates under the CIPA Act 1998. In practise however, CIPA focuses on marketing of Cook Islands
CIPA promotes Cook Islands Pearls internationally
Marketing Cook Islands Pearls
CIPA is responsible for administering the government’s contribution to marketing of Cook Islands Pearls. Marketing strategies are designed to
All pearls are graded to the Cook Islands Grading standards by qualified and accredited graders.
Quality Assurance
CIPA is responsible for developing policy and legislation that assures quality and authentication of Cook Islands produced pearls. The Cook
The industry participates in the Pearl Forum held annually
Pearl Industry Consulting
CIPA is the point of coordination between farm production and the wholesale/retail trade. The Board of CIPA is made up of members who are pearl
CIPA ensures that the local market offers authentic Cook Islands Pearls to visitors and potential buyers.
Pearl Industry Support
Support to the industry is provided through the Pearl Exchange, an internal agency that buys and sells pearls. The Pearl Exchange provides
Grader training in Manihiki.
Grader Accreditation Services
CIPA provides training and accreditation for graders under the Cook Islands Pearl Classification and Grading System. There are two levels of