Style Pasifika Collection

In March 2015 CIPA entered into an arrangement with Drum Productions Ltd to add the Avaiki branding and pearls to the Style Pasifika Collection: Kalia. The collection is the result of a collaboration between Stan Wolfgramm of Drum Productions NZ and Daniella Cicero, Italian Designer to produce a capsule collection of 28 high end fashion clothing inspired by the Pacific Islands.

Daniella is a very well known and respected designer who has worked for both Versace and Armani for many years. Stan has produced the Style Pasifika fashion event in New Zealand for 12 years as well as the television special on the show.

The collection will be sold through agents in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australia who will take orders for the garments and ensure supply before Christmas.
CIPA will provide the Avaiki pearls that form a part of the collection, featuring in some of the clothing and as accessories. The collection was launched in October 2015 and can be viewed at

Style Pasifika Collection: Kalia

"Fashion for our oceans -- A luxury collection inspired by a fusion of European and Pasifika themes to express an elegance and vibrancy never experienced before. Conceptualised in the South Pacific, inspired by the purest of black pearls and made in Italy from the finest of European fabrics. Born from the experiences of prodigious Italian fashion designer to the world's largest luxury brands, Daniela Cicero in partnership with world-renowned Pasifika cultural creative Stan Wolfgramm. Together they bring over 50 years of fashion expertise to the creation of the Kalia by Style Pasifika collection."

Style Pasifika Collection: Kalia Logo