CIPA provides direction and regulation of the pearl industry in the Cook Islands

The Cook Islands Pearl Authority [CIPA] was established in 1994 to provide direction and regulation of the pearl industry in the Cook Islands. CIPA supports the industry by marketing Cook Islands Pearls to the rest of the world and by providing a Pearl Exchange through which the trade can buy and sell the highest quality of authentic Cook Islands Pearls.

CIPA provides and administers a grading system that aligns with international pearl grading standards while encompassing the particular production nuances of Cook Islands Pearls. Establishing authenticity and the quality and strength of nacre depth is an integral part of CIPA’s daily trade activity. All of the pearls that are handled by the Pearl Exchange meet all of the stringent standards for export and for supply to a vibrant local jewellery industry.

CIPA’s functions are carried out by a small team of dedicated professional staff supported and overseen by a Board of management. Members of the Board are drawn from the pearl industry bringing their detailed knowledge of pearl production to support CIPA’s marketing efforts.

Largest Pearl Stock in the Country

The Pearl Exchange purchases direct from the pearl farms, by the parcel lot. The sizes of the farms are reflected in each parcel lot which range from several hundred pearls to several thousand at a time, following harvests usually in April and September. The Pearl Exchange maintains a stock level to service its customer base both locally and internationally. Buyers in the Cook Islands are able to enter the Pearl Exchange and select from daily stocks of 30,000+ units, international buyers are able to have their purchases selected by dedicated Pearl Exchange staff.

Our Standards

Meeting only the highest standards in the parl industry
CIPA has a strong commitment to ensuring the pearl industry meets the highest of standards in farm production, export controls and marketing.
Sustainable lagoon management plans compliance
A sustainable lagoon management plan is key to the continued development of the Cook Islands’ Pearl Industry. Each farm must comply with standards set in the lagoon management plan to be able to maintain its farming
Rigorous grading assessments
When a parcel is offered to the Pearl Exchange for purchase, a rigorous assessment takes place. Each parcel is assessed for grading standards and every round, semi round, drop, oval and button pearl is x-rayed on an
Origin certification monitoring and labelling
CIPA is also responsible for monitoring the labelling of pearls in the Cook Islands to ensure that our pearls are clearly and distinctly identifiable from imported pearls. CIPA also issues the export certificate for